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3.  Number of months generating power      9.  Ave. Natural Gas Rate ($/MMBTU)
4.  # Years CHP Plant will be Financed      10.  Gas Rate for CHP ($/MMBTU)
5.  Interest Rate on Loan for Installed Cost      11.  CHP Incentive
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    Recip. Engine Micro Turbine Gas Turbine Fuel Cell   
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Cost Less CHP Incentive(s)
Ave. Annual Maintenance Cost
Power Produced (KWH)
Annual Electric Saved on Demand
Annual Electric Savings on Usage
Annual Gas Cost for Cogeneration
Recovered Heat (MMBTU/Year)
Annual Gas savings from waste heat use
Annual O&M cost CHP Plant
Electric and gas utility savings from CHP
Total Savings per year from CHP System
Average Monthly Savings
Monthly Payment on CHP Plant
Monthly cash flow
Internal Rate of Return (20 Year cash flow)
CO2 savings per year (Tons)
Equivalent # of vehicles
Equivalent # of homes
Typical Size Range  65KW-15MW  30KW-2000KW 1MW - 50MW 200 - 2000 KW
Average Installed cost  ($/KW)
Total Average CHP System Efficiency
Avg. Heat Recovery from Prime Mover
Gas Input (MMBTU/Hr)
O&M Cost ($/KWH)
  Notes Less than a 65KW Engine is considered Micro-CHP Package multiple Micro turbines to reach 2 MW Size starts at 1000KW MCFC & PAFC  
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Notes: CO2 savings are based off the marginal power mix for U.S. States as well as a few provinces. Displaced gas heat = recovered heat / 80% boiler efficiency.  You may enter the "all-in" average cost per KWH and 0 for the Demand charge or for a more accurate calculation enter the average cost per KWH and the demand cost per KW.  Rules and qualifications for the Federal CHP Tax Credit can be found at: